Elevate your experience with our premium amenities and services:

  • A sophisticated, fully-stocked bar
  • Premium selection of Adult Videos
  • Well-appointed bathroom equipped with a shower
  • Secure lockers complemented with fresh towels
  • The allure of our Glory Hole Grope Tent
  • Complimentary provision of condoms and lubricants
  • An enticing erotic dance cage
  • Professional-grade static dancing pole
  • A discreet dark room for those intimate moments
  • 'Your Secret Spot' for a touch of mystery
  • Traditional St. Andrew's Cross setup
  • State-of-the-art magic wands Hitashi Plus
  • Lovers' Swing designed for adventurous play
  • Five diverse play areas to explore
  • A cozy heated area for smokers
  • The finest beats inspired by Euro House and Ibiza music scenes
  • A pristine, secure environment ensuring peace of mind
  • Complimentary on-site parking
  • Group play spaces for collective experiences
  • A dedicated and amiable staff team
  • Vibrant dance floor to unleash your moves
  • Wet wipes and sanitizers for cleanliness
  • Range of electric toys to enhance pleasure
  • The exhilarating Sybian experience
  • Introducing 'The Saddle Rider' for a unique thrill
Join us for a rendezvous that promises more than just the ordinary.

CCK House rules

We kindly request that all patrons adhere to our house rules at CCK to ensure a delightful and enjoyable experience for all:

Please refrain from promoting or recruiting for your events at CCK. Doing so shows disrespect to our efforts in organizing high-quality gatherings with exceptional attendees and will result in an immediate ban.

CCK, located in Auckland, is an adult lifestyle club where on-site engagement is permitted. We highly value single ladies in our community and strictly prohibit stalking or harassment towards them. Such behavior may lead to temporary or permanent suspension for individuals or couples involved.

Your privacy is paramount to us; CCK does not share or sell any guest information.

Couples attending should arrive and depart together.

The principle of consent is crucial at CCK. A 'no' must be respected without question. We encourage all guests, regardless of gender, to seek explicit consent before initiating physical contact.

We request all guests to maintain the cleanliness of the CCK venue. If any mishaps occur, please address them promptly or inform our staff for assistance.

Respectful conduct towards fellow guests and staff is mandatory. Any rude behaviour is not tolerated.

In play areas, please maintain a quiet ambiance if you are not actively participating.

Respect personal boundaries during play. If unsure, always ask for permission to join.

CCK has a strict no-drugs and no-prostitution policy.

To ensure privacy, the use of cameras, cell phones, or any recording devices is strictly prohibited.

Guests who are overly intoxicated will be denied entry or asked to leave the event area.

Promotion of competing events or services within CCK will lead to suspension.

By participating in CCK events, you agree to absolve the club, its management, staff, agents, and venue from any claims or damages arising from loss, injury, or harm to yourself or your property.

Enjoy your time at CCK while adhering to these guidelines to ensure a pleasant and safe experience for everyone!

  1. Dress Code: Impress us with your attire! We highly appreciate an elevated dress standard and welcome the expression of individual style in line with the night's theme, or your personal theme. Feel free to showcase your taste, whether that aligns with leather, PVC, corsets, uniforms, or anything in between. However, casual clothing like t-shirts, shorts, sandals, and sneakers are not suitable for our establishment.
  2. Courtesy & Respect: We insist on maintaining a courteous and respectful atmosphere. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  3. Consent: Please ensure you have permission before involving yourself with other guests' activities. Remember, 'No' unequivocally means 'No'—there are no exceptions to this rule.
  4. No Recording Devices: To respect privacy and promote a relaxed environment, all recording devices, including mobile phones, must be left at the door. If you need to be reachable, we can arrange to have your phone transferred to the bar area.
  5. No Drugs: Our premises are a drug-free zone. We have a strict no-tolerance policy towards any illicit substances.
  6. Sobriety: We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone under the influence of drugs or excessive alcohol. We strive to maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all.
  7. Partnership Policy: For admission to our club in the context of a couple, we define a couple as a male and female partnership. If you enter as a couple, it's expected that both partners will leave together, as a couple.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our rules, as they contribute to the pleasant experience of all guests at CCK.

CCK Privacy and Safety

"CCK upholds an atmosphere of mutual respect and open-mindedness among its guests. We strictly prohibit the use of phones, cameras, recording devices, and any illegal substances on our premises. Failure to comply will lead to immediate confiscation and removal from the property. Unauthorized dissemination of information or content related to CCK through any media channels, including print, television, radio, and online platforms, will be subject to legal action."

CCK Parking facilities

“Members and guests are offered complimentary parking within our secure courtyard, ensuring both convenience and discretion when accessing CCK. We recommend arriving in a timely manner to utilize this amenity. Vehicles are permitted to park only for the duration of your visit and cannot remain overnight. It’s noteworthy that while our carpark may appear underutilized at times, a significant 75% of our patrons opt for local hotel accommodations and choose to walk or hire a taxi to the club. However, if you’re driving, you’re most welcome to use our parking facilities.”

CCK Private Functions for you

"Host your upcoming private event with us — we cater to gatherings of all sizes. For inquiries or reservations, please reach out via email at guests@cck.co.nz or contact us directly at 09 377 1315."