Dressdown @ CCK


This is the only true "Lockdown and Dress Down" event at a CCK. Doors open at 8.30pm and at 10:30pm gents dress down to boxers and the ladies to lingerie. If you wish you are most welcome bring your own sexy robe. At midnight the doors are locked and no one else can enter. This is for couples and single ladies only (No Single Guys).

Please take note of the dress down rules. If you are not willing to dress down at 10.30, then you will be asked to leave the club. (This rule is why so many people attend this party)

No means NO and there is no compulsion to play - but why wouldn’t you with the sexiest crowd in Auckland & NZ ?
First timers are welcome, it's OK to watch, you may find the sexy atmosphere is just right to take the next step to swinging . Don't hold back, let your inhibitions run wild in a safe and friendly environment.

CCK - Privacy and Safety
CCK strives to provide a safe, private and discreet environment and expects guests to demonstrate an open minded attitude and a respectful approach towards each other.
First time guests will be personally introduced to the club and its rules.


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