HUSH Secret Sunday @ CCK

Finally a party for everyone! Unicorn is where you want to be!

The gorgeous Unicorn girls will be hosting, and inviting a specially curated group of our favourite single men. And you know what Unicorns like to do when we get together? We like to play.

Couples, whatever your desire, it will be there for you in a fun and selected environment. If you are looking for the company of a Unicorn, or some time with one of our lovely stallions, this is an evening to indulge in the best of what the lifestyle has to offer.

Single ladies. Come and join the blessing.

So start the long weekend off with a bang, and come along to this unique gathering on a Thursday Night. Socialise with old friends and new. You may find someone that will allow you to do what you've often only just dreamt about. A play party like no other!

Welcome to the Blessing x

Unicorn party

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